Christina Walsh


Kyle Pepper

Christina Walsh and Kyle Pepper

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Our Story

In May of 2013, we ran into each other, at the beloved Halifax bar, The Toothy Moose. We did know each other prior to this, but not very well. Now, the timing was right, we hit it off right away, and the rest, as they say, is history. The following year, we packed up our things and moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Although we thought we would only be out west for "a couple of years," we are currently still living there.

The last year has been quite the year. In late 2017, we welcomed a little Cockapoo named Tucker into our family. Shortly after, in May of 2018, we celebrated 5 years together, by moving into our first home. If that wasn't enough, we got engaged in June of 2018, surrounded by our friends, who we're lucky to have met since living out west.

We are so excited to be starting the next phase of our lives together. We are still finalizing the details, and invitations will be sent closer to the date, but we can't wait to celebrate with you at home, in Nova Scotia, in September 2019!

- Christina & Kyle